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Jambusters is the story of the Women's Institute and how they ran the countryside during the Second World War. While it is a history, with serious research, it is packed full of humour and wonderful stories of how the women of rural Britain made things tick, even in apparently impossible circumstances. Put upon by the government, local councils, their own national executive, individual members within local institutes squared their shoulders and got to work. Whether it was looking after evacuees or making jam, filling in six-fold forms for the rural pie scheme or negotiating with truculent officials about petrol rationing, preparing pigs for a visit by America's first lady or practising with their choir, conducted by Sir Adrian Boult, the WI got on with life. And cheerfully. I am so impressed by their wartime activities and so proud that my grandmother and great-aunt were staunch WI members for all their lives. This book is a celebration of their generation.

Published 28 February 2013 by Simon & Schuster

Striking, often heart-warming, but sometimes tragic... They are stories that touch us all, even today.
Daily Mail
Summers’ engaging book makes compelling reading
BBC Who Do You Think You Are Magazine
Just re-read "my story" and am so impressed with how cleverly you wrote it all, thank you so much.
Mary Michael, a contributor to Stranger in the House